Finding Quality Real Estate Agency To Help You Rent In Maadi

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Road 232 in Degla Maadi

Read This First If You Want To Rent In Maadi

You know all the reasons to visit and rent in Maadi Cairo, Egypt. Gorgeous sun, centuries of history, friendly locals, the list goes on and on. But there is more to Cairo than the Pyramids, cruises, and great weather; and there are more places to branch out into than the usual hotspots too. Maadi, in particular, is one of the green, hidden gems of Cairo, but is one of those places people instantly fall in love with and have a hard time saying goodbye to. So they don’t! Moving to Maadi is becoming an increasingly popular decision, as is buying or renting property there.

Why Rent In Maadi? 

Maadi is a suburban district south of Cairo and is home to both Egyptians and international expats alike. You can work here, be educated here, and play here, which contributes to its rising popularity over the years. There is no shortage of schools, sports clubs, shops (affordable and luxurious high end ones) among other things. It also welcomes many other religions, proven by the local churches and synagogues in the area. Getting around without a car is pretty easy too, thanks to the Cairo Metro.

It’s one of the most cost-effective places to consider renting in the world thanks to the constant year-round sunshine. This means that you avoid all the nasty surprises that come with colder climates, such as torrential rain, damp, heavy winds, snow and more.

Here are a few golden tips for anyone thinking about finding a property to rent in Maadi.

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Quite street in Maadi

How do I find the right property to rent? 

By all means, check the big names in the real estate business as a first step if you have to, but using local Maadi real estate agents is probably the most sensible way to go.

Staying local is going to be a big advantage to you. Not only will you get the best deals in the long run, but getting friendly with the local real estate agents as opposed to the big worldwide co-operations could be the difference between getting yourself an average home or an out of this world spectacular home. Locals will also have the best knowledge location-wise, so will be the best ones to advise you on the quietest/most exciting places.

What else do I need to know? 

· The three RRR’s. Check for rules, regulations and restrictions. Depending on your location, nationality, income and other factors, there may be rules which stand in your way of renting. Or at the very least, which stand in the way of your money. Check these out thoroughly before parting with any cash and making any quick decisions.


· More local advantages. Working alongside a local who speaks both languages is an excellent idea. He or she will help you understand all the terms and conditions, the small print, and could act as the middle man between you and the local estate agent.

· What’s going on 365 days of the year? You may be renting your home purely for monetary gain – to entice travellers who want a piece of Cairo without the hustle and bustle of the main tourist spots. You may be wishing to rent simply for holiday home purposes, or you may be renting in preparation for your retirement. Either way, you need to be clear about who is going to be living there throughout the year. Will you sublet? Will it be empty for the majority of the year? Will you pay someone to water the plants, clean the pool and keep it cobweb free? All important factors to think about, because regardless of who is or isn’t living in it, the property will be costing you – or making you – money one way or another.


· Where to put everything. Ensuring there is adequate private storage either in the property or in close proximity is essential if you won’t be living in it for the entire year. Sub-letting means that you will need somewhere safe and convenient to store your own belongings before the deal goes ahead. The closer to the property, the easier it is for you to move them back again as needed.

· Be aware of the taxman. Ensuring you are familiar with the tax system in your country is the best piece of advice to offer, as not declaring any income from holiday home rent (if applicable) could incur a hefty fine. You will need to fill out a tax return in the country of the house you own; i.e. in this case, you will need to complete one in Egypt. Getting a trusty accountant who is familiar with Egyptian practices is a great way to go about this.


· Advertise. Again, this is vital for professional landlords. Make the most of the World Wide Web, but word of mouth is by far the best advert. Get yourself out there and make sure all the local schools, restaurants and other businesses know about you and what you have to offer.

With its friendly locals and enviable living conditions, finding a property to rent in Maadi should be a topic on everyone’s minds. Places to consider are Maadi Sarayat, Degla Maadi and Maadi Zahraa.